Dating a nigerian lady

09 May

Sometimes what you attract is a reflection of who you are.

All I can say is I'm dating a Nigerian girl and I'm loving it I'm just sorry the OP is just so unfortunate to have met so many wrong girls and has taken to stereotype all Nigerian girls, smh.

Girls and even the world knows that if you have it going for you, you would be out-spoken and confident, if you think you are handsome and cool and great, you would be confident, you would approach the world and talk to people with more confidence and less inferiority complex, so when you walk to a pretty girl and forget what you need to say, it means you yet to fix your game, it means you're still scared of women..means you are not yet ready to have them, it is another way of telling them you are not yet matured enough.

And pretty Nigerian girls don't date guys that are not matured enough, you probably land among the many that get them today, and a more tougher guy shows up tomorrow and you would be shelved aside.

..dnt have power over falliing inlove..comes naturally, and when it comes, u go fall inside yakata ..i remind u, there's nobody that has neva falling inlove before, i mean a grown up adult, even u op, it's just that it didn't work out between u and her, so, dnt come here and instruct us nt to fall in love...cos, it's the best feeling ever And they will not let Nigerian girls rest again this new year.

There are good and bad people everywhere and you need to ask YOURSELF questions if you only attract the wrong girls.

Do not let emotions cloud your reasoning ,guys don’t fall in love.I was totally cool and unaffected by her words, you know why?Because I know opinions aren’t always facts and two, because i know lots of girls use emotions to manipulate directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously.A girl who claims to love you so much at this very moment , could wake up tomorrow to realise she doesn’t love you again, yes it has happened to me times and times over again.5)Love yourself always; No matter what a girl might say about you, it doesn’t determine who you really are, its all emotional manipulation, some girls are prone to using emotions to manipulate guys when they believe the guy can fall, no matter what she says, just know its nothing but her opinion and it has no relationship with the truth, a girl has told me I was heartless, uncaring, inconsiderate all of a sudden without prior offence, and even after I was the only person who asked after her health and being a gentle man to her, do you know how I reacted?