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28 Jul

She starred on that show until 2003, when - in a dramatic attempt to revamp the show and cut costs - she was unceremoniously dismissed along with most of the cast.

The role of Helen earned her an Emmy nomination, as well as several ensemble cast nominations.

Boyle also made a crossover appearance in the role of Helen in an episode of "Ally Mc Beal", the show she originally was not cast for.

The third season debuted about 25 years after the series' original end, but Boyle was apparently not asked back.

Nobody’s said conclusively why Boyle didn’t appear in the film, or why Donna — who is one of the most important characters in the series — isn’t appearing in the new season. Multiple cast members, including Boyle herself, have cited reasons stemming from “scheduling conflicts” to interpersonal conflicts between Boyle, some of the other actors, and creator David Lynch.

Sherilyn Fenn, who played high school student Audrey Horne, has said repeatedly how disappointed she was that her character didn’t end up in a romantic relationship with FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle Mac Lachlan). The story, as Fenn tells it, was that there wasn’t supposed to be anything between them, but there was enough on-screen chemistry to make the writers consider making something happening between the two.

Her storyline with James Hurley hit a dead end after he left on his motorcyle, and attempts to weave her in with the other residents of the town — including introducing questions about her birth parents — didn’t go anywhere.

It’s possible that in the end, Donna just didn’t fit in.