Manually updating sophos antivirus

04 Sep

If the shield disappears permanently then unless you are running Windows 7 try restarting your computer; if that fails try reinstalling Sophos.

On Windows 7 however there may be a different reason and you should try the following first before restarting your computer or reinstalling Sophos.

If this is the case, the symptoms are that a manual update will fail, but a while later (e.g.On the Mac, Sophos for OS X version 8 runs on OS X 10.4 - 10.8.For Linux system requirements see Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux: system requirements.Below is a list of commonly asked questions concerning Sophos Anti-Virus.If you have any questions about the software and how to install or operate Sophos that is not in the Windows Instructions, Mac Instructions or Linux Instructions, and that is not answered below, refer to your local IT Support or contact the Help Centre.