Sqldatasource updating event

11 Feb

This is a stored proc that gets executed by the datasource.How do I access the templated fields inside the SQL Data Source Updating event?" Select Command="SELECT [Order ID], [Customer ID], [Employee ID], [Order Date], [Ship Name] FROM [Orders]" Delete Command="DELETE FROM [Orders] WHERE [Order ID] = @Order ID" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Orders] ([Customer ID], [Employee ID], [Order Date], [Ship Name]) VALUES (@Customer ID, @Employee ID, @Order Date, @Ship Name)" Update Command="UPDATE [Orders] SET [Customer ID] = @Customer ID, [Employee ID] = @Employee ID, [Order Date] = @Order Date, [Ship Name] = @Ship Name WHERE [Order ID] = @Order ID" The following articles describe how to configure some of the more common Data Source controls: For a tutorial that uses automatic CRUD operations feature, see Add controls to column templates.

Please try the following sample code snippet, I have showed how to access a Text Box control similary you can access other controls using its ID. So, it wasn't finding them because they were mislabeled. You may also examine the resources below: Automatic operations with Sql Data Source control in hierarchical grid Insert/Update/Delete with stored procedures and Sql Data Source control By default Rad Grid extracts the values from the column editors for all columns of the currently edited Grid Item when updating or inserting a new record unless they are set as read-only.When deleting an item, Rad Grid extracts the values from the cells of the Grid Item that is to be deleted.pavel "Viorel" viorel, afaik pb doesnt provide a way for you to do that....master page treeview control treenodechanged event called from my content page but in one case event does not called Hi All, I have a Treeview control at my master page and from my content page I show user interface based on Tree Node Changed, Treenodechanged event from my content page but in one case this event does not executing.