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28 Mar

The couple finally came to the end of their relationship when Porter came to know that Diddy ha an extramarital affair with a woman.The main reason for the end of their relationship was stated later after much arguments and discontentment towards their relationship.

Kim Porter and Sean Combs first started dating after Porter got separated from Al B. It was very surprising for the world to know that the couple again patched up in the year 2003 and which led to their relationship running quite smoothly.Kim Porter is not much famous because of her own fame, but because of her profession as a model and female rapper as well. However, her ex-boyfriend Sean is highly popular as a rapper and singer.She is not much popular in worldwide but holds her fame and is still known as a favorite celebrity and moreover as a mother of her four children.Here are some highlights from it: Okay, so Diddy likes to check out Jessica Biel.While he could learn a thing or two about social tact, it's hard not to be enamored with that booty. As for Diddy partying (and possibly sleeping with) Sienna Miller, there's probably not a lot to that rumor.