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07 Jun

Technically Here are some technical points: In the previous post I talked about when you should mail, how often you should mail, etc.You cannot mail one time and expect good results, you just can’t.Rather than providing a sample, I decided to provide step-by-step instructions because every nonprofit is different and it would be impossible to write a pristine one-size-fits-all letter.Additionally, we have spent a great deal of time here discussing social media and technology, so now I’d like to advocate for good-old-fashioned-letter-in-the-mail membership renewal letters. Strictly sending a membership renewal via email will lower returns.Again, bullet points are my preference; short, sweet, bullet points.

List a few of those great things you are going to do.

Read the Membership Recruitment and Retention post mentioned at the top of this one for a membership renewal mailing strategy.

And, please do write me if you have any questions or need assistance info at riedelcommunications dot com Thanks for reading!

This is not the time to be shy, ask them to renew their membership and make it urgent “Please renew your membership today!

” This is the paragraph (or two) where you might even include a premium for renewing quickly, such as: “If you renew your membership in the next two weeks, we will send you our lovely low-flow shower head so you can begin to conserve water right away!